General Information About The Internship Program:

It is well known that today’s world is moving fast. To succeed and survive in this competitive world you need to know the actual work done in the IT Industry. VITS has taken cognizance of this change and is offering Internships that will help you gain plenty of practical knowledge. The Internship programs span from 2 months to 6 months.

The Internship program provides the candidate an opportunity to work on LIVE PROJECTS.

Our Internship Program will not only make you place-able but also expose you to various challenges and opportunities. We offer internships on various technologies like Core and Advanced Java, .Net, Web Designing, Mobile Applications, Networking, etc.

The benefits of students that perform an internship in our organization are:

  • Work contract for the duration of the internship
  • Training regarding the quality management system implemented in the company and the tools used in the company
  • Training in the technologies used in our company, based on the positions chosen by the students
  • Experiencing all phases of the software development process
  • Performance assessment at the end of the internship

After the completion of the internship, the students may get a proposal for long term employment based on the result of the final assessment.

InternshipBe one of them!

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